Full-Service Studio

We offer a full range of services for your wargames miniatures, all tailored to your budget and expectations. We want you to be satisfied that your figures are given the attention they deserve, and your budgetary constraints are honored. 

Pricing Model

We will work with you to discuss your budget and needs, and make sure that we provide you with quality work that doesn't break the bank. 

Click HERE for *Example Pricing

*Please note, these are example prices ONLY. Upon contacting Nightshade Miniatures Studio and discussing your project, you will receive a detailed quote outlining the cost of all items. This quote is official, and may not reflect the example pricing depending upon the desires of the client.


Tier 1: Tabletop Quality

This is the typical level selected for most larger armies. Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, etc., present well at this level. Models painted at this tier are fully based, have minimal freehand work, and have at least one highlight. Infantry look great at this level when present on the tabletop en masse. 

Tier 2: Character Quality

This is the minimal level for large vehicles, standard terrain, and large monsters. Characters and games with low model count look great at this level. These will look great when photographed up close, or when picked up and examined by friends when you place them on the table. These models are fully based, with some special base work possibly added, may have more intricate freehand work, OSL, and will have two or more highlights. 

Tier 3: Nightshade Quality

This is the highest level that we offer, and should be reserved for that special model. Large vehicles, special characters, or that model that should lead you to victory with its brilliance are all appropriate at this level. Models at this level feature extensive use of advanced techniques. They may have extensive freehand, or extravagant bases (including display bases).These models look magnificent when viewed very closely.


Standard basing is included in all painting levels. This includes painting and texture. Elements may be added to the base for aesthetics (rocks, skulls, etc.). We also offer upgraded basing for the addition of cork, slates, and more complex elements, like battlefield debris, lava, snow, or water.


We will magnetize your models within reason. If you need that heavy support squad to have several options for loadout or your tank to have multiple gun options, no problem. If you want to magnetize the head on your infantry squad sergeant, we may not be able to accommodate simply due to the amount of time required. Again, within reason.


Whether you ship us your minis or have us procure them for you, we offer assembly and conversion options to work with your budget. Conversions can be as simple as head swaps to total miniature overhaul. Your budget and our imagination can produce some truly unique works.


Nightshade offers two types of terrain commission. The first is Standard Terrain. This includes pre-fabricated kits from the manufacturer and is treated as a Painting Commission Tier 2. The second is custom terrain. We can take your ideas and themes and create custom terrain pieces for your table.  

Terms of Service

Quote and Payment

Once we receive a request for a quote, we will attempt to set a time to discuss your project via phone or Skype. Once you are satisfied with the scope of work, we will generate a quote. Following approval of the quote, we require a 50% deposit, 25% of which is nonrefundable. This will cover initial materials (including cost of models) and labor. You will receive project photos throughout the course of your project. Once the project is complete, you will receive a final portfolio of photos. If you are satisfied, final payment will be due prior to shipment. Nightshade reserves all rights to issue refunds, and no guarantee is made for a refund. We accept PayPal or money order. Personal checks are held for 10 business days before your models are shipped. Shipping is a flat $9.00 for US customers, $15.00 for Canadian customers, and clients outside of the continental US will pay $25.00. International customers will pay actual shipping an insurance costs.


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Budgeting Your Project

The price of your project will vary from any other project. This is because each project is unique. If when we have our initial conversations you let us know what your budget is, we will set that amount as the upper end of our project cost. This is the maximum cost, and we may not hit this number. 


Once everything is finalized, we will work with you to set a timeline for completion. You can either send us pre-purchased minis, purchase and ship minis to us, or have us purchase minis for you. The timetable for completion will begin when we have your minis in hand. We will alert you when this occurs, and send you progress photos. If any changes are made during this time, the total cost of the project could increase if additional work or supplies are necessary. We will use a combination of many techniques at all levels, including: spray can, airbrush, standard brush, washes, drybrushing, etc. We will not use dips (unless project would benefit from this technique), and no primer will be visible. 


We will do everything in our power to ensure your models arrive safely (bubble wrap, tissue, etc.). However, once we hand over your package, liability rests with the shipper. We offer insurance for your shipment at $1.00 per $100.


Once you receive the final photos of your project, payment will be due within 10 business days of completion, unless other arrangements are made. If after 30 days payment is not received, you forfeit all deposits and any models to Nightshade Painting.


For a price quote, contact Chris at nightshadeministudio@outlook.com


Can you match existing work?

We can't guarantee a perfect match each time, but we are able to replicate most styles.

What happens to extra bitz?

Unless specifically requested, all extra parts from kits are retained by Nightshade Painting. We use these in future conversions, and this helps keep the price down for everyone.

I saw X, can you make my minis look like that?

All artists have a unique style. We may be able to mimic a technique or look, but ultimately, you're receiving work in the Nightshade style.

Do you apply transfers or paint markings?

Both. We use whatever is right for the job, regardless of Tier. Sometimes transfers allow us replicate an existing look or feel for an army.

I only asked for a single character, but want to paint an entire squad myself. Can you tell me how you did X?

We're more than happy to give you the names of the paints that were used. If you're asking about a specific technique, if it's in the Blog as a tutorial, yes. If not, it's our little secret.